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asher tuil


January 27, 2023

From Asher

In producing these works I returned for the first time since moving to Providence, RI to a practice of going each day to locations in or around the city to record sounds. I tried to avoid the more urban sound environments and record near one of the many bodies of water or in larger parks and woods.

Returning to my studio I worked with the sounds I had recorded by putting them through a resonant filter in short passages. During the first few days, I layered electronic sounds over them only, but as the project started to take shape I experimented with having broadcast sounds which I had been using in the far background of the initial pieces as a foreground element. The strains of music captured from the radio brought the compositions into focus as the varied sources of sound interacted.

As I reflected on composing the music for this album, I thought about what led me to make the choices I made and which of them seemed inevitable. I had begun by combining some of the sounds in my new locale with sounds produced in my studio in a more or less habitual manner and ended up with something that I hadn’t intended—crafting something but also allowing it to take its own shape.


releases January 27, 2023

Automatism was recorded by Asher Tuil during December of 2021 in Rhode Island.
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space.