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Natalie Beridze

If We Could Hear

December 8, 2023

A Note from Thomas Brinkmann

If we could hear

Wenn wir hören könnten… dann ? Who Hears It All. Als würde das etwas ändern – Noise in thermodynamics – an average low level warmth.

Let`s go back to the pre-orthodox world, the ancient one, which gave us mythology, extreme experiences, congealed in stories. 

Echo was a storyteller herself, distracting from what was going on around her, up to the point when she got punished, and from then she was only able to repeat the last words spoken to her, to her, to her…
A loop is a loop is a loop and it`s all about roses. A rose is arrows, is errors…

Echo – is a potential, endless space. We need this construction towards an actual eternity we cannot grasp.

This layer was up above the „countless expressions“. I could hear it from the very first moment to the last. Searching in transitions, lost in transitions.

The idea of a space behind the next space helps us get through, in order not to get lost in such constructions. Only for this „If We Could Hear“ has seven pieces, a beginning, and an end. It`s a poem and not a Matryoshka even, it sounds like one.

„A strange footprint on the shores of the unknown, out there extending from nowhere, turning in on itself to a place which is both an ending and a beginning.“*

*Robert Smithson 


All tracks written and produced by Natalie Beridze.
Cover artwork: “Installation made on babysitter Laliko”, by Leah Machaidze, 4.
Most of the voices you hear are not real.
Post production by Lawrence English at Negative Space.