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Natalie Beridze

In Front Of You

August 19, 2022

From Lawrence English
When Natalie and I were working on Of Which One Knows, she sent through a great deal of material. Initially we’d discussed a record that charted out the various themes and interests that have guided her work over the past decade or so. Listening through all the pieces, it was instantly clear she had enough materials to make more than one edition. The works too seemed to self organise, and suggest ways of connecting that felt almost intuitive. In Front Of You is the result of part of that self organisation.

These works, whilst seemingly divergent, share a very specific and measured sense of space, silence, timbre and harmony. They are patient works, pieces that invite you to dwell within them. They are also works that seem to unfold or unlock in ways you don’t necessarily expect.

Nothing Explodes, the heart of this collection, ties together these threads. It acts like a body from which the limb-like other pieces extend and shape one another. Natalie’s work is simultaneously beautiful and haunting. She creates states that move in parallel, inviting us to pour ourselves into them, and in doing so she shows us something about ourselves we might not have previously recognised.

Music like this is a gift of profound value.


released August 19, 2022

recorded and produced by Natalie Beridze
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space