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November 1, 2015
Cassette, Digital, Streaming

Celestino is the project of Portland based musician Gabriel Celestino Higgins. This latest offering, Kindling, expands the sound world he created so well on ‘Lived In’ his 2012 release.

On Kindling, submerged drones gently slide and rub together, one betraying the next in a cascade of truly glacial beauty. Voices haunt the outskirts of the pieces, calling from somewhere just too distant to make out. Waves of bass swell and break, leaving a tideline of endless harmonics.

Occasionally composers can generate an environment that is utterly personal yet still invitational to the listener – Celestino is one such artist capable of doing this. On Kindling, you’re invited to a place of his creation, it’s somewhere warm, richly textured, but still very subtle and contoured. It’s a place where you can make your own pathway and discover your own hidden sound worlds.