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Spyros Polychronopoulos w/ Antonis Anissegos

Piano Acts

November 11, 2015
Digital, Streaming

Spyros Polychronopoulos is a tireless experimenter. Restless with convention he seeks to uncover that which lies in parallel to the well trodden path. That which is reachable, yet still, so often overlooked. 

With PIano Acts, he creates swelling masses of treated pianos. Compositions that expand and contract with an unerring sense of pace and Taking cue from American Minimalism, he burrows further into reductionism examining phase and looping at both macro and micro perspectives. The results of this examination speak to his skill as both composer and technician.

Collaborating with Antonis Anissegos on two of the pieces, Polychronopoulos Piano Acts is a timely reminder of the profound nature of tonal percussion, time and treatment.

Cover image photgraph by : Aris Michalopoulos