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November 12, 2015
Digital, Streaming

Mirko Vogel a is London based musician, formerly from Brisbane, Australia. With an illustrious and varied musical background, Mirko has spent the last few years working with Cut Copy, touring extensively with the band and also acting as chief engineer in the studio.

In the hours after these activities though, on planes, trains and in the backs of touring buses, Mirko has been busy with his own sonic investigations. Mirko’s self-titled EP, a taster to his de- but LP due later this year on Room40 as part of the label’s fifteenth anniversary celebrations; maintains a drifting sense of place. Unable to be pinned down, this EP hovers and shifts, pulsing with unerring clouds of texture and harmony. This is but the first breath.

THUMP: “…three tracks of lush, dark, cinematic electronics. With pulsing analog synths swathed in field recordings and ambience, it’s gorgeous, melancholy and undeniably widescreen.” 
Sonic Masala: “There is a stillness inherent in Mirko’s work that holds one in thrall, a frozen second forever caught in crystalline amber.”