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November 18, 2016
CD, Digital, Streaming

LP1 is the debut edition from London based artist Mirko Vogel.

Recorded across almost three years, the record is a sprawling mass of ambient texture, remote harmony and uneasy pulse. Initially born out of extended periods of intense touring with Cut Copy, the earliest recordings were an antidote to the nature of repetition on the road. In the blur of travel, Mirko found a particular pleasure in an attempt at slowing or pausing time through sound. Moments of this hazy slowness have lingered and found their way onto this debut edition.

Following a relocation from Australian to the UK, LP1 began to take on a more distinct character. Whilst working on a variety of film, television and software projects simultaneously, Mirko found his focus shifting. The nature of the recordings began to bend and blur at their edges. Gradually, through a process of subtle iteration the records’ particular shape and colour began to take hold. 

LP1 is ultimately a record that compresses time. Each piece has travelled across many territories under various circumstances. With this has come a particular interiority of place. The sound itself creates a moment in which we can place ourselves, it is our insulation, as it was for Mirko, from the exceedingly aggressive pace of change we find ourselves in each day.