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Steve Roden

lamp (within​​​/​​​without the skin)

August 4, 2023

Between 1997 and 1999, Steve Roden explored the material implications of his home, in sound. Across a set of 3” CDs he considered 20th century design objects, utilising their form and material constructions as a means of devising sound pieces. With lamp (within/without the skin), he meditates on the ingenious designs of George Nelson.

Steve remarked at the time, “I suppose the initial ideas came from ‘strumming’ these things as i passed them in our apartment on a daily basis. Every sound on this recording was generated by rubbing, blowing, plucking, scratching, etc. a 1952 sprayed plastic and metal ribbed bubble lamp designed by George Nelson and manufactured by the Howard Miller Clock Company. Some of the sounds were recorded directly, some were manipulated and processed electronically. Absolutely no other objects, instruments, or sound generators were used in the making of this recording.”

It is this humble engagement, tactile and lived in, that is at the heart of this work and the others in the series. Simple, curious and deep explorations of the familiar. Seems like a methodology for living.


released August 4, 2023

Recorded at Starfish Studios – “l’toile de mer”.
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space

Thanks to Jerome Noetinger.
‘Undulant Spores’ for B. Guenter.
The spell will illuminate the spirit of A.A.