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David Shea

Una Nota Solo

July 21, 2023

A Note From David Shea

Created at a time of transition and living in multiple countries, Nota Sola is a mixture of all my travels that changed when I moved to Australia in 2006.

A period of intense concentration and study of the work of Giacinto Scelsi and an all too brief friendship and very influential period of time spent with Luc Ferrari between 2003 to 2005. A period that I was moving away from sampling and creating the *Scenes for Sampler” installation at the Pompidou Center in Paris and working with the talented engineer Jean Locahrd in the years I worked at the IRCAM research and music center in Paris.

The tools and sound manipulation and spectral processing in this recording all come from the influence of that project and IRCAM’s generosity to me to make that installation now in the permanent collection of the museum.

The last of the major sampler based works was to come a year later, The Art of Memory, on my label Metta Editions. Released as a limited edition of 1500, I soon learned how difficult physical copies of cds and running a label was, and only produced these two projects on Metta.

The direction would change again the year after that toward more Buddhist and Ritual traditional music and field recordings which culminated in the recording Rituals, a few years later.


released July 21, 2023

Composed, Performed and Produced by David Shea
Recorded at Metta Studios Melbourne Australia April – May 2005
Tam-Tam Gong recording at CRFWMStudios – Liege , Belgium
Performed by David Shea
Engineered by Patrick Delgas
Instrumental appearances by members of the Ictus Ensemble and Ensemble Musique Nouvelles and extracts of the 1st Chamber Symphony released on the Tzadik label.

Special Thanks: Kristi Monfreis, Edwin Carels, Hermann Asselberghs, Tullio Angelini, Micheal Frarlie, The Rose Hotel in Fitzroy, The Union Club Fitzroy, Lawrence English, Vladimir Vitkin, Jean Lochard, IRCAM, John and Isti Monfreis, Everyone at the Why Note Festival Dijon, Luc Ferrari, Frank Scheffer and Jeremy Monfiries.