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Stephen Vitiello

Soundtracks for Andrew Deutsch

August 25, 2023

Over the last 25 years, Andrew and I have collaborated in various ways. We’ve made music together, and I’ve done soundtracks for countless videos and animations that he has produced.

Andrew was the first person to introduce me to modular synthesizers. I remember buying a Doepfer system in 2005 after a visit to Alfred University where Andrew is a professor.

Andrew tends to email out of the blue – a link to download a clip, sending little explanation, a minute or so of processed images and maybe a note to ask me if I’d work on some sonic accompaniment. The incoming clips are generally layered images, mostly abstract with something recognizable peering through, produced via varying processes of video synthesis (analog and digital) that I cannot decipher. I tend to respond quickly and now, similarly, listening back to my soundtracks, I have very little memory of how these pieces were made.

I don’t believe I’ve ever composed to a finished video. Andrew sends me what feels like an idea-in-progress and I respond with my own felt response. Nothing is meant to be fully synchronized. Most importantly, nothing should ever be descriptive – sound not describing image, image not describing sound.

With that said, I am hoping these are works that can be enjoyed even if one hasn’t seen the videos, even if the tracks would not have been made without the prompt of Andrew’s images. Embedded in these sound works are performers who always become collaborators. Molly, Jane, Andrew, Jax, Danny, all bring something unexpected, and to my mind, surprising and generous. 


released August 25, 2023

Stephen Vitiello, guitar, electronics, field recordings, piano

Jane Rigler, flute, track 3

Jax Deluca, vocals, track 4

Andrew Deutsch, loops and arrangement, track 4

Molly Berg, clarinet, track 6

Danny McCarthy, metal duet in the belfry, St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Ireland, track 8

All tracks by Stephen Vitiello, except track 4, From Maine to Birdsall by Jax Deluca, Andrew Deutsch, Stephen Vitiello

Videos and animations, Andrew Deutsch

Cover art, Andrew Deutsch

Mastering, Lawrence English at Negative Space