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Tralala Blip

Submarine Love Songs

October 31, 2013
Digital, Streaming

Tralala Blip are a group like no other and we couldn’t be more chuffed to be issuing their submarine themed debut cassette! Rather than speak to their music, we thought it’d be more fitting to let the members talk about it. After all Outsider Pop, Alternative, Indie, Experimental. These terms mean very little to most of the members of Tralala Blip.

“What’s outsider pop? We make music in a hall in Lismore, it’s inside” Mathew Daymond.

“My girlfriend dumped me and i lost my job at FoodWorks. So i took a gun to my boss and then the cops chased me around Bangalow. They couldn’t find me down the creek. It was only a plastic gun. I wrote a song about it cuz it’s a true story. It’s called Love to your heart, gun to your head. but i took off gun to your head.” Lydian Dunbar.

“We use lots of boxes to make our music, electronic instruments to make lovely sounds.” Leanne Butt.

“I like using boxes to make music too. Good looking boxes are important. No ugly boxes.” Randolf Reimann.

“I wrote the song Penny Black Eye about my dog. She was bitten by a tick and now she’s in Heaven. I miss her very much.” Zac Mifsud.