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Heinz Riegler

Survey#2 1000 Dreams I Never Had

October 31, 2013
Digital, Streaming

Illuminated by the naturally occurring patterns within the duo-tone of alpine winter, Riegler’s new work explores themes of extreme isolation and subsequent freedom. Made in early 2011, Heinz Riegler’s Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) is a collection of audio sketches recorded exclusively during three months spent in a cabin high up in the Austrian Alps.

A mostly instrumental audio postcard, it transcribes a period defined by extreme isolation and freedom. Manifested in tonal experiments and simple movements of minimal chord progressions, it features guitar drones interpreting cloud patterns, meditations on the full moons light shimmering on crystaline frozen surfaces – as well as randomly fragmented expressions of sound.All of it wrapped and illuminated by the duotone of deep alpine winter, Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) contains thirteen pieces of music, intertwined to make a thirty-four minute edition of audio.