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Untitled Landscapes 2

October 3, 2012
Digital, Streaming

Asher has a sublime compositional form that unites attentive listening, chance and subtle transformation. For his latest Room40 edition he refines his craft to a fine point of focus – a gentle yet utterly deep journey into a space somewhere between composition, environmental happening and domestic interceptions. True home listening.

224. I’m older than Time or Space because I’m conscious. things derive from me; the whole of Nature is the [ … ] of my sensations. I seek and I don’t find myself. I want and I can’t. Without me the sun rises and sets; without me the rain falls and the wind moans. Its not because of me that there are seasons, the succession of months, time’s passage. Lord of the world in me, as of lands that i can’t take with me, ( … ) bernardo soares (fernando pessoa), from the book of disquietude (translated by richard zenith)

From Asher 
My process of composition begins in the studio, working directly with and listening closely to the materials being generated or selected for use. For some years now there has been a move toward more time spent listening and considering of sounds and less time working to shape and direct sounds. The compositions presented here are an example of such time being spent, as i had previously used the source materials for a group of compositions titled ‘landscape studies’ and had spent many hours listening and working with them before returning to them for the production of new works. While working on these and other pieces i play the materials in my studio for long periods of the day, listening closely at times but not always and also leaving the room to do other things. This process allows for time to grow comfortable living with certain sound materials — the timbres and rhythms of the new works are heard from nearby and at a distance, alongside interior sounds as well as sounds from outdoors. Spending such time with these materials creates a space of listening and hearing where in addition to my direct relationship to the sounds I can begin to experience these them the same way as I would the refrigerator, a passing car or the wind in the trees.