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Room40 : 15 … MONO 18 + 19

Folk of Brisbane, we love you. We’ve loved you for a long time. You’re one of the very reasons we started doing what we do.

To celebration 15 years of actions, we’re putting on two very special events in collaboration with our good friends at the Institute Of Modern Art as part of the MONO series. On Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2 we host the likes of Grouper & Paul Clipson, William Basinski, Makino Takashi and Ross Manning. We also present the premiere of Jim O’Rourke’s new 8 channel diffusion work specially commission for Room40’s 15th anniversary (it will be presented by Lawrence English, Jim loves Japan is staying right there!).

Limited two night passes are available NOW, as well as regular single night tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

Oh and sound comes from the most amazing folk at Tonepacer, so expect transcendent audio!